August 28/29 Highlights

I am really going to miss the Stranger Than Fiction series! It ended today and we’ll have to say goodbye to a rockin’ opening video! Loved the theme, loved the speakers, and most importantly I love the Bible stories from the Old Testament. They prove to me that God was at work in mighty ways from the beginning and He will continue His work for the rest of eternity. Awesome.

Pastor Kim closed out our series sharing about Abraham and Sarah. She referred to her own story, which is a powerful one. For the last two years she has gone on a journey with her husband’s diagnosis of MS. Needless to say, she is a remarkable woman with an unwavering love for Jesus. I am honored to call her my friend and partner in ministry.

I am in one of those seasons where God is doing a deep work in my heart. I just want to be empty of all of me and full of all of Him. I want to be anointed with His power and His authority to impact a broken and dying world. I want less of me in this life and more of His glory. I have a feeling that God will answer that prayer with a resounding YES…

On another note, Saturday night was our highest attendance ever at that service. Kind of crazy. I didn’t even think Saturday night service would work for our church, but I’m glad I was wrong! Bring on the people and changed lives!

We have the greatest Kid’s teachers ever on the planet. Thank you so much to all of you who teach, love, invest, and believe in our children. I say it alot, but you are my greatest heroes!

We had several new volunteers today! I love our volunteers at North Creek!

Small Groups start again next month! We’ll have a new one for recent high school grads…18-23ish. Not all of our groups are based from age-range, but that is definitely a people group that is unique in it’s needs. Many other great ones being unveiled this fall. I honestly don’t know which one I would choose if I weren’t leading one. That’s a good problem to have…

Drew (7 years old) misquoted his memory verse to say, “and bless those who impersonate me” rather than “persecute me”. I love kids.

Jim and Sarah Gilliam came to visit today. They are starting a church in Vancouver in 2011, so it’s fun to relive the adventure through them!

Speaking of kids, we are hoping to finish the new toddler room this week…or maybe next week! It’s looking awesome and smelling clean and ready for kids!

Well, I hope you fall deeper in love with Jesus this week. I plan to.

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