August 7/8 Highlights

Here’s this week’s highlights from the Coffee Church:

Our youth were at camp this weekend! Heard some good reports throughout and can’t wait to hear all of the stories. God has a way of using time away at camp to change and shape our hearts. My memories from different camps are truly some of the most treasured parts of my life. It’s worth every penny!

Tracy pulled off a miracle in worship this weekend! We had several people unavailable, so we rallied a mostly new team of people together and they did a great job! Thank you to Olga, Scott, and Barbara for joining us and to the other Scott for being a phenomal drummer, as usual.

I was in the service once, the Little Adventurers once, and the Great Adventurers once. So much fun! I highly recommend going to kids church once in a while. Delaney and I have been singing worship songs together for the last two days and I was able to do all the motions for her memory verse. Seriously valuable bonding time with my soon-to-be first grader!

LOTS of new guests this weekend! Can’t wait for summer to dwindle down and go into the fall with all of our regular people back and some of our new guests finding their home with us! I am glad that everybody gets to go on vacations and such, but I gotta tell you…I miss my people!

My dad is a signpainter so while we were in Montana I had him make Mike Dix a “Motorcycle Parking” sign. I couldn’t wait to give it to him on Saturday night. What a great guy! He was excited about it to say the least!

We dove into working on the new area for our nursery and the Little Adventurers! It’s not a little project, but it’s 600 square feet of valuable space, so ready or not, here we come. I got the coolest orange leather couch off of craiglist yesterday for the nursery! It’s going to be the best nursery/jr high small group room/office ever…what can I say, we are a multi-use church!

I hope you have a great week! Please pray for me in the next few days. I’m preaching this weekend and I really want God to use that message in amazing ways!

Thanks for being the best church in the world…

  1. Donna Hays said:

    I can be a benchwarmer for worship team too! I’m always on the back up list and like the church I will be multi-use where you place me. This weekend wouldn’t have worked but in general…love you guys! 🙂

  2. Katie Perron said:

    I took my red lego and turned it into a key chain so I can see every day that I can rebuild my life 1 brick at a time. I also have on the same key chain my red paper clip from when Kris Gray preached to signify that I can start off with something a little as a red paperclip and in the end get much more. Love the messsages that North Creek Church shares with all of us. :O)

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