August 9 Coffee Church Highlights

So much to say over the last couple of weeks!  I took an unexpected trip to Montana to help my mom with her aunt’s memorial service, so I’m way behind at this point!

Here we go:

Congrats to Jessica Yonko and Nate Johnson on their ENGAGEMENT!!!!!  Jessica is one of our church planting kids (not a kid anymore!) and Nate grew up in our youth ministry, so it is very fun to see them as adults, living for Jesus, and doing this all in a Godly way.

We had a great night of bowling two weeks ago and an amazing Latin Dinner last week.  This week we have a catered BBQ on Wednesday, which I can’t wait to attend!  It’s been fun getting to know some people this summer in a new way.  We have about 85 people signed up for the BBQ, which you have until noon today (basically right now) to RSVP at  If you don’t sign up, you can still come….you just can’t eat, which will clearly be some form of torture….

We had a great meeting about our merge coming up with our Hazel Dell and Battle Ground campuses.  We had a lot of you there, but for those of you who missed it, here is the way-too-brief highlight reel:  We are selling both properties, temporarily going to Prairie High School while we look for one centralized facility to call home.  We recently got an offer on the Hazel Dell building that we are currently processing.  I won’t choose to put the details on social media, but feel free to email me at for the specifics.  If that deal goes through, we are looking at about a 60 day timeline before this would all steamroll into reality.

Our youth ministries have a great opportunity to merge first, which will be happening on August 20.  Our two youth groups will be combined and meeting at The Link Church at 7321 NE 110th St., Vancouver, WA 98662.  Our friend, Jim Gilliam, is the pastor there and a good friend of ours.  His church is ideally located just a few miles from each campus.  We appreciate the partnership we have with him and look forward to the future.  If you have a teenager, need more info, or have a question, please email Kris Gray at  We are letting parents walk through the building on August 18 if you’d like to familiarize yourself with the new plan.

Church has been simply incredible during our Testify series.  We’ve had people from our congregation sharing about how God is impacting their lives in so many different ways.  Join us!

God is good!  So many things up in the air, but He is still on the throne and has a plan for our lives.  We invite you to go on this adventure of faith with us and see all that Jesus does in the hearts and lives of people in our community!

Be blessed!

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