Awesome Baptisms

What an amazing day at church today!  We baptized another nine people at Klineline Pond this morning.  Congrats to Tamara, Kevin, Liana, Lori, Wyatt, Kylie, Laura, Lexi, and Heather! 

It was such an awesome statement of what God is doing in the lives of people!  Our God is living and active!  As I videotaped each testimony this morning, I couldn’t help but appreciate the vastness of God.  Each story was completely different and each person’s journey lead them through a multitude of experiences.  And yet God met them just where they were at and will continue to mold and shape each life as He sees fit.

I am humbled at how God has used this church plant to reach people in our community.  It is so amazing to be a part of God’s plan!  I couldn’t help but wonder how God will use each life that came out of the water today.  Even as I spoke with each baptism candidate this morning, I felt as if God was whispering to me that I was in the presence of truly remarkable people.  Both young and old…God will use their lives to change Vancouver…and beyond!

  1. Great to “see” Mark again. I hope all is going well with you all. So you’re doing a new church plant?

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