We got this incredible email this week. Thought that I would share it:

I was doing a lot of head nodding during Mark’s sermon. While I have forgiven those who scarred me years ago, it hit me that some of the anger and resentment is still there, like scar tissue from a scoping, or surgery so to speak. Until that is FULLY cleaned out, whatever was operated on, cannot function correctly.

I believe, and have been praying that during our challenge, and even more so, during this series, while going through our daily reading, the Holy Spirit will work in us, helping to vanish the scars in our lives.

Mark hit on a point when he said we think we’ve grown, or reached a point where we have it all under control. Learned all we think we need to learn. Through this series and this challenge, God is showing me that He can take away those things that have been circling the drain, but won’t go down in my life for sometime. The fact is, until one is really ready in their heart to let something go and be done with it for good, it will continue swirling around like a plugged drain.

God, keep doing Your work in our hearts…

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