Beautiful Day!

Today was just a GREAT day at North Creek Church. Here are the highlights:

Kas Anderson did a testimony video about an accident four years ago that killed her husband. The teen driver was texting and caused a head on collision. Kas’ story is one of faith and forgiveness. She is a remarkable person.

Three teenage men talked to me about getting baptized today. So proud of that generation! Come on! You can change the world by becoming men that honor God and your families.

A couple of people told us today that they are interested in Starting Point. That’s an opportunity for them to explore about the basics of faith. What an incredible journey to begin!

We took our second largest offering today at about $9,200 in one shot. That’s about $8000 above our normal weekly giving, so you can imagine the shock! Here’s the best part: We’ve been behind the last couple of months and now we aren’t. Want to know what North Creek does with extra money? We dream about ways to change lives and then we DO it.

Two incredible men showed up in the nasty weather this week to weed the property and then they put new barkdust down. And they didn’t even tell us they were going to do it…I like those kind of surprises! Thanks Greg and Gregory!

We have our first missions trip informational meeting next Sunday night. I had a lot of people ask me about it today.

One of my favorite people told me that she is pregnant today! That’s a great way to grow our church!

Pastor Kim passed on to me that the kids had a lot of really remarkable things happening in their lives. God moves in the young and the old! I love that!

Someone donated 9 lbs. of Starbucks beans today. YES!

Pastor Chris spoke today. I love it when he preaches. He’s really different than Mark, but yet they have the same heart and agenda. They compliment each other well and I’m glad he’s on the team.

We have a very generous church that gives money, meals, time, energy, and emotional resources to people who need it most. I’m proud to be a part of what God is doing in the hearts and lives of His people.

I hope your week is blessed!

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