Brian, the Magnificent

A word from Kris!


Renting can be frustrating.  You are living in a space that’s not really yours and you can’t put up the cute butterfly wallpaper for your daughter our let your husband install the garage shelving system he has his eye on at Home Depot.  Everywhere you go and everything you use belongs to someone else.  And they expect it to still be there when you leave.  You pay to upgrade things knowing full well other people will be the ones enjoying it when you move on and every flower you plant will be for the next person to enjoy.  Renting is frustrating.


And North Creek Church has been renting our space for 2 years now.  Only we’re not frustrated. Not even close.  In fact, we’re so blessed by the staff and building of Salmon Creek Elementary School that we give them a blessing once a month to remind them how much we appreciate them and love renting from them.  That time of renting Salmon Creek Elementary might be coming to a close soon due to our possible building options, but we will forever appreciate the generosity of all the people that we now have relationships with that call that school their home. 


One of my favorites is Brian.  He’s supposed to be the janitor that’s there to clean up when we’re done, but really he’s become one of us.  He’s our go to guy for every weird and crazy request we have of him and he’s actually kicked me out of doing a job because it was his job now.  He eats breakfast with us, invests in our kids, and wears our t-shirts.  We love Brian!  There are many pros to having our own building, but the one con is that Brian won’t be coming with us. 


So here’s a big shout out to Brian The Magnificent!  Thanks for putting up with a crazy church plant with a dream!

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