Can’t Wait for Sundays!

I love going to church….LOVE it! I get to see all of the people I care about and enjoy the morning. It is truly my highlight of every week. I love the men, women and kids who call North Creek home. I love seeing their smiles as they walk in the door each Sunday. It is as if everyone in our church collectively decided to set aside the crud of life and just take some time to relax with each other and forget the worries of life.

Yes, we all know each other’s difficult stuff. I know the family who is crushed by the letter that the husband will soon go back to Iraq. I know the family that lost a loved one this week and is broken. I know about the diagnosis of MS and I know about the teenager that is driving their parents to the edge. I know about the surgery that a mom is due to have soon. Nobody is pretending here. Christians have struggles to and we pray constantly for those people. But Sundays we want people to breathe and enjoy the presence of Jesus in spite of their circumstances. We want to give people a break from all of that and the opportunity to laugh, get a hug, hear from the Bible, drink a cup of coffee, and set aside the enormity of what lies ahead. It’s a lot like family…you deal with what you need to, but you’ve still got to have dinner and enjoy each other’s company and not let the issues rob you from life.

So, come tomorrow. We know you walk through the door with a load of emotional baggage, but we’ll allow you to put it down for a while. And you’ll probably be just like me…you’ll LOVE Sundays.

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