Dear Ben

We started North Creek Church with 20 children and 19 adults almost 12 years ago.  As those children who are still at North Creek turn 18, I write a blog just to honor them.  Happy Birthday to Ben!  Enjoy!

Dear Ben,

I find it ironic to finally welcome you to adulthood when you’ve always been so mature beyond your years… As an elementary student, you were so articulate that if one were to close their eyes, they might have forgotten the boy standing in front of them and imagined an aged professor in their midst.  My husband would come back from kid’s camp and tell me how he often let you get your wishes when perhaps others would not simply because you would ask in such a grown up fashion!  He still smiles when he thinks about what an incredible young man you were then and are even moreso now.

Two traits I see in you that will last you far into this life are your WISDOM and KINDNESS.  Those traits were probably not embraced in the junior high and high school setting to their full potential, but I promise you this…as you go through this life, if you give those traits to Jesus, you will find that those two very rare gifts will open doors that give you opportunities beyond your wildest dreams.

Your kindness and compassion to those around you has always been evident.  You care deeply for people and take into consideration others before yourself.  I’ve watched you many times over the years as you paused to take stock in each person’s perspective and try to understand where they are coming from.  In a world that jumps to conclusions and judgments altogether too quickly, your ability to listen is an act of kindness that is both unique and beautiful.

Your wisdom will be a light unto your path and will keep you in step with all that God has planned out for you.  It will allow you to discern what is best for your future.  God gave you a marvelous brain that is full of intelligence!  My prayer for you is that you will use that intelligence paired with wisdom to change a generation for Christ!  Smart people who love Jesus often come up with astoundingly different ways to change this world and I can very much seeing you doing just that!

Ben, you are perfect just the way you are.  You have a qwerky, hilarious twist about you that sets you apart from the average person.  You are theatrical and engaging in your nature!  Grab ahold of this world for all it’s worth and don’t allow yourself the common mistake of overthinking about what you lack…your gifts make up for anything you will ever perceive isn’t “enough”.

Thank you for the joy of watching you grow up!  I am sure when you graduate this June my husband will send you off with a case of Cup of Noodles and all of our blessings!  You are so very loved!





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