Dec. 4/5 Highlights

What a weekend! I can’t remember a busier weekend for the Newell family! We had two birthday parties, a wedding rehearsal, a Christmas party, out of town guests, a wedding, and a guest worship leader at church…not to mention three services and a staff meeting. I also would have had Kara’s funeral if I had been able to attend on Sunday.

Congrats to Jack and Amber Kemper on their marriage!

Mark and I went to a Sectional Pastor’s Christmas party on Friday night. We met the cutest couple, Vanessa and Josiah. We invited them to church on Sunday and they had a great time! I love meeting quality young couples who are excited about Jesus and ministry!

Corey and Julie Sublett came to lead worship this weekend. He did an amazing job! I can’t imagine meeting a team of people at 4:30 pm and knocking out a fabulous worship set by 7:00 pm. Kuddos to Corey, Tiffany, Christi, Scott, Scott, and Carl. You all jumped in with great attitudes and brought glory to God at every service. We appreciate your ministry!

I was telling the Subletts about our team. It occurred to me how blessed we are to have longevity on our staff. We’ve been working with Kris for 10 years, Rachael for 9 years, Chris and Kim for 4+ years…we have some newer faces as well around our table which I love. It’s nice to have both long-term relationships and the ability to let new voices have a say in the matter. It keeps us solid and fresh all at the same time.

Attendance is still over 200…very much looking forward to a new year and new growth!

I walked into the nursery Saturday night to help watch babies after I greeted. I walked in to see four teenagers with four sleeping babies. Needless to say, I was impressed with those four ladies…and I felt pretty useless! 🙂

The Christmas trees were sparkling this weekend and it was beautiful! I love the holiday season.

I lit the stage on fire on Wednesday and I lit a rug on fire on Sunday. So, when I say that North Creek is on FIRE, I mean it. Don’t worry, no one was hurt by my incidences…except a fake poinsetta and a rug…

We had a great offering this weekend. It will help us catch up from our November shortfall, so thank you! We are extremely frugal as a church while doing quality ministry at the same time. I appreciate that balance and am grateful for a church that tries hard not to waste resources. We use our money wisely, so when you give, we see a direct correlation to changed lives. Every check that you toss into our Giving Box is a piece of someone’s eternity!!!

It’s our last small group meeting tonight before the winter break. I have LOVED getting to know the people in our group and it’s been awesome seeing them connect to ministries within our church. I’ll miss them in my home on Monday nights!

See you soon!

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