December 11 Highlights

Such a fun day! It’s Christmas time, so we started handing out some random blessings yesterday and will continue for the next couple of weeks. It’s awesome to surprise people with something thoughtful!

We had our team Christmas dinner last night! Our pastoral staff is remarkable and watching them laugh, reminisce, and tell stories is so much fun! They are each amazing in very different ways and we love them all dearly. Thank you to Alvina and LeeAnn for spoiling us!

Pastor Chris’ old small group guys sent a sax-o-gram to our staff party for him…I will never understand the relationship between a teenage guy and their small group leader. Ever. Thankful for it, but completely strange.

Mark preached a GREAT message on encouragement. If you missed it, catch it at It’s worth your time!

Come to church 15 minutes early! It is such a great time to meet people and we get to talk to more people that way. It’s our favorite thing to touch base with friends and family.

One of our North Creek babies is due any day and we can’t wait!!!!! We are slated to get one every other month for a while now. We also pray frequently for those of you who are trying to have a baby and aren’t pregnant, yet. It’s hard to go through that and we are believing with you for God’s blessing of a baby.

Mark and I CRASH on Mondays. We relax, enjoy coffee together, go out to lunch, do whatever we feel like. It’s called a Sabbath and it’s mandated by God to work for six days and rest for one. If you aren’t taking time off, you aren’t wise. (I fall into that category from time to time as well, but even though it hurts to hear it, it’s true.)

Leadership principle of the day: calm down. Most of what you think is a big deal and needs to be dealt with NOW can probably wait. Things are best handled after time and prayer rather than in the heart of the situation. This does not pertain in the event of a building fire.

LOVING the new kid’s checkin system. Still a little slower than it will be while we get the database established, but we’ll be rockin’ in no time! And having the kid’s names and allergies attached to them is awesome…Zoey does not agree with me and thinks stickers should be played with!

Note on our upcoming schedule: Christmas Eve – Family Services at 6:30 and 8:00 pm (Nursery care for 2 years and younger). No services on Sunday, December 25.

Have a fabulous week!

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