December 13

The weather was a little rough this morning, which always makes for an interesting morning! We had several people come late, but we were glad to see them nonetheless.

Here’s my highlights:

We’ve had lots of guests and return guests lately. It’s a blessing to have people come and visit our church!

We got a great email when we got home:

I would just like to thank you for the influence that you and everyone at NCC have had on my life. My walk with God is becoming stronger with each passing day. The last 2 weeks of sermons have taught my what the power of prayer means in my life and has helped me with some inner turmoil that I have now have found peace with. I am forever grateful to all of you.

We got our first payment for summer camp and the missions trip today. The girl asked for no Christmas presents this year in order to be able to go to both. Pretty remarkable!

We’ve had a couple of different people who are being obedient in the area of giving and tithing for the first time. They have been sharing their journey of anxiety, fear, joy, faithfulness, etc. with us as they are experiencing it. It is fun to watch them live their faith out and have God meet them right where they are at. He is faithful and understands our struggles…it is His delight when we overcome those issues to do what is amazing!

We had a “biker dude” at church last week who said our church made him comfortable. He came back again this week. I wonder if it’s the corrugated metal or the duck tape on the floor that makes it feel like home…

Speaking of that, our church has a LOT of diversity lately. Rich and poor, young and getting older, blue collar and white collar, every color and size…it’s nice to see the balance and that we can all be a family.

Been reminiscing about the 39 people who started this church with us. Most of them still call North Creek their home. They are my personal heroes and will always hold a special place in my heart. It took a lot of hard work and faith on their part!

One of my neighbors was at church this morning. I thought they looked familiar…

Kennedy stayed with me during second service and was belting out worship songs at the top of her lungs! So sweet! Also, Delaney was so excited to go to church today to take her offering for missionaries. Hello. My child WANTS to go to church to GIVE. That’s such an awesome sentence for a parent. My parenting tip: Get your kids to church and don’t ask their opinion in the matter. (After all, you don’t ask your kids if they WANT to go to school!) As they make friends and get comfortable they will LOVE to be there. When they grumble, get them up and tell them how great their day will be. Also, volunteer every once in a while to see what’s going on in their classes.

Next Sunday is a “Don’t Miss Sunday!” See you there!

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