December 14 Coffee Church Highlights

Merry Christmas!  I am excited to nail out all of the Christmas shopping and get on to the business of enjoying being with family and friends over the holidays!

My last blog was about Keith Elder who passed on to Jesus last week.  I have to say that tears ran down my face yesterday during worship as I reflected on his life.  I looked around the room and couldn’t help but think about how big of a fingerprint he is on each one of your lives…and nearly none of you have ever met him.  When we give our lives away to Jesus, we become deep and wide in our influence.  His life was SO deep and SO wide….  Over 5000 people have read that blog.  That is about 100 times the number of people that usually read my blog…again, a testament to the love people had for that man.  The world is a much darker place this week, but I’m not sure ANYONE will enjoy Heaven more than Keith.

Keith’s memorial service will be at 10 am on Wednesday via a live feed.  I have a feeling your life will be changed if you watch his funeral.  His influence goes beyond the grave.  You can watch it HERE on Wednesday.

Church was wonderful yesterday with some Christmas music and a great message about the realities of having Jesus in our lives.  Jesus really does change everything!  So grateful for his love in my life!

We had our staff and board Christmas party last night.  I love that team of people!  Would you commit to pray for them?  They are SO talented and so amazing, but they are on the front lines of ministry.  It is a difficult road to walk and they need your love, your encouragement and your prayer.

Also, go to Twilight Pizza on 192nd.  Not only do they have incredible pizza, but their team took great care of our team last night for our party!  And I had a bite of crème brule that might be the best EVER.  Go get that.  No, really.  Right now.

We have one more service left for 2015 as we take December 28 off to give our staff and volunteers a much needed respite.  Invite a friend next Sunday as we share the Christmas story!

We lost a bunch of our roof at Hazel Dell during that wind storm…not awesome.  Just not awesome… Thankfully we are fixed and ready for the rainy Washington sky to bless us with liquid sunshine.  What a winter it has been!

Well, another week has come and gone.  This one was full of so many memories for me…so many beautiful memories.  I feel blessed and honored to get to do God’s work with my life.  Do me a favor…lean into the wisdom of Godly people.  I’m nothing special, but the one thing I did right was to allow people close to Jesus to help guide my steps.  And God just kept putting INCREDIBLE people in my path.  If you will listen, I am sure He will put incredible people in your path, too.

On that note, be blessed.  Be very, very blessed!




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  1. Sandy Carpenter said:

    You are one of the incredible people God put in my life and I’m so thankful for you! Merry Christmas!

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