December 16 Coffee Church Highlights

It was a very different weekend than we had planned at North Creek.  In light of the shooting tragedies in our nation, we changed the messages to reflect both our grief and our hope in Christ.  Bottom line: when we come face to face with the darkest evil, we do not cower, but proclaim the love of Christ.  Love wins in the end.

I hugged a lot of crying people on Sunday.  It’s OK to be emotional and feel that grief!  Just balance it out with the determination to spread the hope of Christ as well.  We, as Christians, carry the weight of change in our country.  We must be the ones to show up, speak up, and boldy march into the worst situations.

I taught our preschool class at Battle Ground on Sunday with my old friend, Janelle V.  Super cute kids with LOTS of distractable energy!  Gotta love our Tiny Towners!

Our staff/board Christmas dessert was on Sunday!  I looked around that room several times and thought, “Wow. Our church is BLESSED with some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met.”  Do me a favor and write one of them a letter or note about what you appreciate about their ministry.  You can find all of their contact info on  They serve with an unstoppable determination and grace.

Invite a friend to church this Sunday!  It’s Christmas and we’d love to have them join us as we celebrate the birth of Jesus.

We dropped off a MOUNTAIN of toys to Sarah J. Anderson Elementary on Thursday, thanks to all of you!  They couldn’t believe that we just kept unloading more and more toys.  Sarah J. serves a lot of low-income families and your gifts will help to bless about 350 children.  Amazing!!!!!!

I walked into my daughter’s school yesterday and started weeping when I saw the police officers.  I know…that’s a little extreme.  But what I saw in front of me was goodness.  More people put their lives on the line for our protection, than people who try to rob us of our security.  I felt the same way when I saw the teachers as well.  We must always focus on the people in our lives who strive to bring peace, grow our lives, and try to make a difference!

We want to say a big “Thank You” to all of those involved in the Christmas Concert last week!  It was such a beautiful way to usher in the Christmas holidays.  It took an absolute ton of work and people, but it was so worth it!  Way to go!

My oldest daughter is home sick today.  She actually said, “Why couldn’t I be sick tomorrow so I don’t have to miss school?”  Maybe she’ll grow up to be a teacher!

Remember to send us any of your “Circle Maker” stories!  You can email them to me directly at  We look forward to celebrating all the things that God did in our lives in 2012.  He is good!

Be blessed!!!!


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