December 23 Coffee Church Highlights

Merry Christmas!  The story of Jesus’ birth continues to captivate my heart and I am so thankful that the world stops to acknowledge HIM!

Church this morning was beautiful!  I loved the music, the lights, the message, and the warmth of smiles.

I helped out in Tiny Town for first service.  My daughters came to serve with me and it was a true delight!  Those little faces are so amazing!  They worshipped with pure hearts and then we sat on the rug and sang a Christmas song.  Sweet little voices!!!

Worship in the main service was a close second, though!  I loved the carols and the songs…awesome!  I’ll be singing, “Take us to Heaven” for the rest of the week.  It doesn’t sound near as nice as when our team sings it, but it’s the best I’ve got!

One of the kids at church bought Mark a stacking chair game because he likes to straighten the chairs at church so much…HAHAHAHAHAHA!  And a teenager made us chocolate!  Thank you!

Remember that we don’t have service next Sunday.  It’s “Stay at Home in Your PJ’s Day!”  I encourage you to plan something special with your family…cinnamon rolls & coffee?  Favorite Christmas movie?  Board Games?  Don’t just use it as a day to sleep in, but use it as a day to celebrate people you love!

Loved this quote on Facebook today:  Thank you Chris, for an amazing service this morning. You are truely a gifted speaker! You always manage to put God’s words in my ‘language’ and I am so very grateful! Also, thank you Tara & Vanessa for sacrificing your time and for taking such amazing care of my beautiful boys so I could enjoy the service!

I have to admit that I’m a little sad to see the Christmas set go down.  I loved it, but it’s days are numbered…

I’m confident that God has good plans in store for North Creek in 2013.  I love living this adventure of growing and building a church that impacts our county.  Here’s to new blessings in the New Year!

If you are a teenager and want to have fun on New Year’s Eve, facebook Kris Oja Gray.  She will hook you up with a spot to the party at the Air Park.  What in the world is an air park?!?!?!  Who cares!  If there are teenagers in the room, it’ll be fun!

We don’t have staff meeting for two weeks.  I may wither away into oblivion without my people… Actually, the truth is that Mark and I come up with insane ideas when we have breaks and our team is afraid to give us time off.  Two weeks could be dangerous!

Lots of faces I love at church today!  Christmas always brings old and new friends from far away places!

Eddie rocked it out to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra this morning at Hazel Dell.  He’s way cooler than we are, but we’re glad to have him!

I really hope that you have a peaceful and sweet Christmas.  I know that it seems that the world is very crazy right now, but rather than that being discouraging for you, just remember that’s the very reason Christ came in the first place.  It will all be OK.

Merry Christmas!






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