December 6

Wow! What a morning!!!

We said goodbye to Jeff and Angela this morning with a video tribute and a beautiful cake from Helen. It was sad, but at the same time, I know that we will always be close. We have a bond from the last four years that is unbreakable!

We baptized two young men with some pretty intense pasts. Josh met Jesus in Juvenile Detention and Jake has had a difficult ten years since his mom left. Both are incredible testimonies of our God’s great redeeming heart. Jake gets an award for wearing his wet baptism clothes out in the cold after service. Must have been 25 degrees out there…

A young man named Jared was pretty broken up about having to say goodbye to Jeff. It was heartbreaking to see him, but at the same time, I am so thankful that we have incredible men in our church for him to look up to.

I had a lady in our church ask about providing Christmas for a family in our church that needs a little help this year. I love that generous spirit!

Mark preached a great sermon! I sure do love my husband’s heart for God’s Word. He knows the Bible so well and cherishes God’s commands.

On a negative side note: we had one of our most unprepared mornings in the last three years. We literally couldn’t start service until 9:05 because not everything was in the computer. I am SO thankful that is the exception to our rule! Most of the time we are very prepared and ready to go. Mornings like this remind me of how much I appreciate it!

We had over 160 people there this morning and many families gone. LOVING the growth I see at NC. Statistical fact of the day: we grew by about 5 people every month all year. It’s consistent and healthy!

I am emotionally fried. It’s gonna take me a little bit of time to recover from the weekend!!!

Some quotes from today:

Church touched me deeply today. From hearing what the young man being baptized had to say about what Jesus meant to him, to your eloquent words on communication with God, and then the heartfelt farewell to Jeff and Angela. You totally ruined my mascara! But thank you soooo much!

What an awesome service. I had to sneak out before I lost it. Pretty emotional morning.

I lost it…always do when I see how God uses people…and then sometimes he chooses to use them somewhere else..that is life…great service North Creek!

Tears where shed and memories will last a lifetime.

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