December 8 Coffee Church Highlights

Well, Christmas season is in FULL swing at the Coffee Church!

Last week on Monday we got to host our regional Assembly of God pastors to a Christmas Party at our Hazel Dell location.  It was nice to see so many amazing faces that we love and appreciate in our area!  We love to bless pastors for all of the hard work they do all year long!

Then on Friday we threw our Volunteer Christmas Party at Battle Ground, which was HILARIOUS!  I whipped out an old drama game and our staff may or may not have publicly humiliated themselves for the cause.  Thank you to each team member who was a good sport.  I am still laughing!  We also gave out awards, ate amazing desserts, and  had an all-around great time celebrating Jesus and our volunteers.

THEN we had Sunday services, which were great!  We’ve had some attendance highs at both campuses lately, which has been awesome.  Invite your friends!  We have a wonderful church.

We also announced that we brought in about 1000 lbs of food for our food drive.  Some of that went to our own people in our congregation who can use a boost this season and the majority of it is off to local food banks to help our cities.  I LOVE blessing people in our congregation, by the way!  Did you know the Bible says to first take care of those in the church?  Makes sense!  If we take care of those that are in our church community, more people will feel secure in being a part of us, too.

Mommy side note:  My daughter has been STRUGGLING for six months with a particular gymnastics move and was just 16 practices away from competition when she finally figured it out this week!  It’s been quite the load to carry watching her fight to get it, but continuously failing.  So relieved to be moving on from here!

Are you all done shopping for Christmas????  Yeah, me neither.  Every year I plan to get ahead and then all of a sudden Thanksgiving is staring me in the face.  Oh well…

By the way, our Christmas celebration service is on December 21.  We look forward to sharing the story of the birth of Jesus!  It is also the LAST service of 2014 as we cancel church on December 28 to give all of our team a day off.

Mark your calendars for January 4.  We’ll be starting the year off running and we can’t wait for you to be a part of all that God has in store for North Creek in the new year!

I am praying for those of you that have experienced loss  this year and are heading into this season with grief in your heart.  The whole world may be humming carols and seeming to be full of joy, which makes grief even more prominent sometimes.  The good news…God is with us.  He’s with us in joy and He’s with us in grief.  That is the true beauty of the Christmas story.

Be blessed!

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