Easter Sunday Coffee Church Highlights

Happy Easter!  What a day we had at North Creek Church!

Our hearing campuses went MOBILE to Prairie High School, while our Deaf Church took over our Battle Ground Campus.  We ended the day with 515 people in attendance and about 20 people accepting Jesus.  We are PUMPED!

Our service at the school was a packed house with kids everywhere.  Our volunteer team was ON POINT and it was smooth as butter!  We learned a couple of lessons on the fly doing mobile church, but all in all, I was so impressed with everyone.

Thanks to Eddie for donating Stumptown coffee for the morning…so good!!!  Our people might have been a little shocked not to be able to bring coffee into Prairie’s auditorium.  At the Coffee Church, people REALLY like their coffee… Thank you for being good sports about it and honoring the school.

We haven’t been a mobile church in 7 years, so it was fun to go back to our roots.  The majority of our launch team is still with us, so we were reminiscing as we pulled out our rolling boxes and trailer.  God has been so faithful all of these years and starting a church has been a beautiful lesson in faith.  I wouldn’t change this journey for anything!

We spent a lot of time praying for our friends who are pastors last week.  We hope that Monday morning finds you encouraged in the Lord.  We honor you, not for the number of people in your service, but for your diligent work for Jesus.  He is proud of you, not for the crowd, but for your work to the “least of these.”

Our El Salvador missions team celebrated Easter in another country yesterday!  They spent the weekend learning skits and lessons as they will be doing ministry all week.  Add them to your prayer list!  It’s very hot, they are working hard, and they are away from their family.  However, we are sure they will have an amazing time in the midst of the challenges!

Well, come to church next week.  Easter always reminds pastors of the power of the local church.  There’s nothing more important about yesterday than every Sunday.  Jesus shows up in worship and preaching week in and week out, day in and day out.  If we, as the body of Christ, understand the importance of coming together often, inviting our friends, and approaching the throne with great expectations, it is then that we will see a mighty move of God in our communities.  I can’t wait!

I am ending with some thank you’s today.  I hope you are blessed this week! 😉


Thank you!

Pastor Mark – You are a truly remarkable mix of humility and authority.  I am constantly in awe of how God crafted you to lead us all.  I love you and am proud to be your wife and partner in crime…I mean ministry….

Matt and our worship team – EXCELLENT job leading us to Jesus with music.  Absolutely beautiful and heartfelt from start to finish.  We hope you enjoyed the whole 10 minutes of the service that you got to sit down!

Andrea and the Tiny Town/Nursery team – Mobile church is hardest for your ministry and you all knocked it out of the park.  That was almost 50 toddlers to wrangle and teach about Jesus, which you did with grace and patience.  Next time we will get you more walls….

Vanessa and the Kid City team – Such amazing creativity that you brought for our elementary kids this weekend!  We appreciate the incredible effort you put forth, not to just talk at our kids, but to help them learn in a variety of ways!

Chris and the tech team – While everybody sees the benefits of your ministry, nobody sees the details it takes to seamlessly pull it off.  The environment you created in the auditorium was remarkable.  Thank you for working tirelessly to make it all happen.

Stephanie and the usher team – We added some tricky elements into our regular service and you took on the challenge with ease!

North Creek Church – Whether you were scheduled to volunteer or not, I watched you greet, serve, and give without question.  Christ is your center and I see Him pour of you daily.  Thank you for being imperfect people who are just willing to be the hands and feet to the Gospel.  We love you!

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  1. Chuck Cox said:

    Now that we have been through the resurrection, what about a service about AFTER the resurrection up to Jesus’ ascension to heaven as laid out in the book of Acts. That would be a dynamic follow up. Food for thought.
    Thanks for a great Easter service to one and all.

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