Exchange the Good for the Best

A message that Mark preached on Dec. 14 has been stirring in me for the last three weeks.  It was about decluttering your life for the holidays, but the underlying theme is what is still with me – are you doing a lot of “GOOD” things in your life, but not what is “BEST”?  I really feel that God has something better for my time than what I have been spending it on.  I have a passion for leadership and challenging people, but honestly, I have been weary doing a lot of other good things.

Granted, it’s been a busy three years.  Moving, having a baby, and starting a church has really consumed me, so I’m not being too critical of myself.  We all deserve a little grace for ourselves!  However, now that Kennedy is two and a half and the church is functioning well, I hear the sweet voice of Jesus calling me to refocus.  “Spend more time with me!”  “Invest in leadership!” “Challenge people to love Me more!”  It is as if His spirit is renewing my weary bones and giving me permission to let go of the good things to be all that He has for me.  And I am excited.

My prayer is that each of us would take a long look at our lives and declutter.  Decluttering is easier than it seems.  Just do your passion first and there won’t be room for the rest.  What is your passion?  If it’s loving on preschool kids, get in there and teach them a Bible verse with all of the creativity that you have.  If it’s teenagers, get in their face and tell them that you believe in them.  They need to hear it.  Do a study on spiritual gifts and find out where you are gifted.  If you have a passion to see people healed, pray for sick people in our church!  Stretch yourself this year.  Become better by doing the best thing with your time!

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