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I’m wiped out tonight, so I’ll do my highlights tomorrow, but I thought I would share the web-chatter with you from people’s Facebook comments about this weekend’s services…so fun!!!

North Creek Church: I can’t say it enough WOW!! This Youth Blows my mind!! Kris and Stacy: Thank u for leading GOD’s next genaration! Kris: Thank u for inspiring me to hang in there with leading my kids!!! Please pray for our family that we get through this time! Today has been an eye opener!!!

Church was good today… it always feels good to connect…I love North Creek 🙂

Today was wonderful! Thank you!

Seriously an AWESOME SERVICE tonight!!! It was great to hear the testimonies of what God has & is doing in & through His people, young & old, big & small…and just what I needed in the midst of this trying time in my life right now! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!

‎’Glory To GOD’ for the Stacy and Kris show :)!! This evening was AWESOME!!! You guys should do that more often 😀

I sure had a great time at church today — it was amazing seeing what God is doing!

This “baby boom” at Northcreek is getting out of hand. It is affecting everyone. Went to church last night with two kids, came home with four. Thankfully all the kids at the church are great because you never know which ones are going to end up at your house.

You did a fabulous job…and Kris too! Thank God for Kleenex and our incredible church!

It was an awesome time, worship and reflection…always amazed at what God is doing through the ministry, and ministry team at North Creek. Praying and watching God’s hand work. Continued blessings, and continued growth of lives changed!

I’d like to thank whoever taught the Little A’s class today for making my son that lovely sounding horn thingy. I think it might dissappear tonight though when he goes to bed. 😉

I LOVED the music tonight not to mention the rest of the service. I thank God for the Christy’s introducing us to North Creek! What an amazing and wonderful God we have! Thanks for not just being a nice church but one that LIVES the word!

I love my church!!!! It’s pretty fun serving an amazing God with some amazing people….

This weekend was awesome!! So much fun! Glory to God!! Cried Laughed and was so thankful and blessed to be with my family- North Creek!! I love you! Hope you can have a great relaxing night off!

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  1. Rachael said:

    Yay!! North Creek!! Love you all!!

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