Feb. 5/6 Highlights

My highlights are going to be tricky this week, since I was out with the flu all weekend…I guess my highlight is that I’m feeling a little better and we made it!

Friday late night I woke up to a sick child and quickly realized I wasn’t doing well either. That spiraled into an awful day on Saturday that ended with Mark feeling terrible. It’s not good when the preacher is going down. Somehow he made it through all three services like a champ – without me, with the kids, and with my inlaws out of town, so no help! It was truly brutal on all fronts. I slept for about 30 hours straight…

On the flip side, we had Superbowl festivities with a cooler full of drinks and bags of Doritoes. Thanks to Julie and Ashley for decorating – I heard it was awesome!

I think Chris Harold was getting a little nervous that he was going to have to preach at a moment’s notice this weekend. He was probably praying for Mark pretty intensely!

Our students went to Generation Unleashed this weekend. It’s a conference in Portland and they had such a great time! Thanks to Kris and our fabulous youth staff who took a couple of days to invest into our teens. Now go take a nap because I am sure you need one!

Thank you to everyone who covered my jobs this weekend. We have a such an incredible team, which makes it so much easier to relax and know it will all be OK.

On that note, I really don’t know why people stay home on Sundays…there is NOTHING on TV…ugh! Get me off of my couch! I missed church SO much and can’t wait to be back next week!

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  1. Michelle and Greg said:

    Glad you’re feeling better.Prayed for Mark last night and today, glad he made it through all the services. We missed you. hope all of you feel better soon. We love you!

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