February 26/27 Highlights

Last summer we had five babies born within a few months. They all showed up at the same service this weekend, so here’s a quick picture! We’ve also added about another 5 babies close to their age from new families, so everywhere you look, there’s a baby around!!!!

Here’s a great Facebook quote from the weekend: Church today really spoke out to me! I’ve been thinking about it all day long! I’m so thankful for Marc Roy and Amy Engquist Roy for college group! It’s really helped me alot on learning how to deal with heart issues. =]

Most everybody is back from sickness and it’s SO great to see everybody feeling well again! We continue to pray for those of you stragglers who are still going through it.

Happy Anniversary to my in-laws, Alvina and Ivan!!! Congrats on a long and happy marriage!

I went to Starbucks three times in 15 hours with three different incredible women! So much FUN!

Mark spoke on Anias and Saphira…who does that???? Actually it turned out to be a brilliant way to look at how we deceive ourselves into believing things that go against the very heartbeat of God. Such a great message! I’ll blog more about that later in the week.

We are going full speed ahead to navigate a second campus this year. Oh. Boy. Fun times ahead!

It was a crazy cold weekend! I am very ready to summer at this point.

Every service was a great size this weekend. Sometimes they get off balance as people go to whatever service fits their schedule, but this weekend we landed perfectly. That was a miracle because it seemed that everybody went to a different service than usual!

We had about 30 guests this weekend. We hope you had a wonderful time and will join us again! Great things are happening at our church and we look forward to seeing more lives changed.

Worship ROCKED! I was so glad to have my voice back so I could sing with them again. Off-key and all, but I love GOD!

I asked for some needs and got a couple of great opportunities. What organizations in Vancouver can we partner with on a more extensive level? I want your thoughts, so email me at stacy@coffeechurch.com. I also want to use my blog to alert you to some giving/serving opportunities in our area. Many people in our church volunteer, give, and serve in our community, but if we are truly the hands and feet of Jesus, we’ve ALL got to get out there.

I hope God messes up your week with miraculous opportunities to share about HIM!

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