First Day of Kindergarten

What happened to my universe???? I put my 5 year old on a bus and sent her off into the world to make a difference. Gotta tell you – I officially have a whole new lens of the public school system. My daughter is one of many kids with differing histories, views, and behaviors.

Now more than ever, I feel the pressure to be a great mom who is invested in her life as well as involved in the school. I also feel the weight of making sure that Delaney LOVES Jesus and His church. I am not afraid of what Delaney will see and hear, after all, she’ll be in this world for the rest of her life. What I am concerned about is giving her the right lens with which to make decisions that will make her successful in God’s eyes. There will be more conversations going on in my house than ever before about the difference between what Jesus thinks and what “the world” thinks.

I also want Delaney to develop a deep love for people who think differently than she does. I want her heart to be invested in people who are hurting, alone, afraid, and in need of a friend…and the love of Jesus. I want her to be an influencer in her world. I want her to be a leader in her own giftings and abilities. All of that just became more than a concept…it became an object lesson.

Here’s to Kindergarten! I have some great moms in our church who entered this world with me this week and I’m so thankful that you are on the journey with me. May your children change the world right alongside Delaney. You’re kids are constantly in my prayers.


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