Fresh Life

I’ll take a days break from telling you about our staff to tell you about our church experience this morning.  Mark and I are on vacation in Kalispell, Montana, so we decided to visit a recent church plant here called Fresh Life Church. 

We had a great experience at church with friendly people, a nice environment and an excellent message.  Going into a new church for the first time always is a good reminder of how awkward our guests can feel.  Even as lead pastors who are completely comfortable in church, I still had the sense of “Where am I going?  What is expected of me?  Do I stand out?”  They did a good job not making us feel unaccepted at all.  (Although their foyer is so small that there wasn’t really time to stand around and get talk to anybody anyway!)

Fresh Life is an interesting mix of traditional church and very contemporary atmosphere.  They had a fairly diverse crowd, although it did tend to lean more towards young couples (as with most church plants). 

Pastor Levi did a great job with his sermon, which happened to be on sex.  Even as a guest, I did not feel uncomfortable with his presentation and appreciated how he used the Bible so relevantly.

It’s exciting thing to see another church plant doing a great job! 

As I was in worship, I really felt like God had a word for the people of North Creek.  I felt like He was saying that as we praise Him, our voices will be heard all over Vancouver.  So, that’s my challenge for the day to all of us…praise God.  Tell somebody this week how great your God is!  Invite them to church to find out for themselves!  Go with boldness as God assures us that our voices WILL be heard!

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