Full Circle

circle_makerIn January of 2012 we had a sermon series called The Circle Maker where we talked about the importance of prayer.  We especially encouraged people to keep a running list of prayer requests and answers, so that each of us could see the hand of God working more clearly in our lives.

Now, in January 2013, we want to celebrate the big and small answers to our prayers!  If you have a specific thing that God clearly answered for you this year, would you let us know?  You can email me at stacy@coffeechurch.com and tell me the story.  If you are willing to have your prayer and answer shared, but would rather not use your name, just indicate that in the email.  We recognize that almost half of our church was not with us in January (that’s a lot of growth!), so feel free to jump in even though you missed that particular sermon series.  We want to highlight any amazing prayer answer in 2012!

We may not be able to share all of the answers in one sermon, but we will make sure that we use them in blogs, stories of changed lives, and future sermons in order to bring glory to God!   We have been tracking a lot of your requests and are already ASTOUNDED at all that God accomplished in our lives in one year.  It is a great reminder that He’s not absent, but fully engaged!

Don’t be shy!  Even if you think it’s “little”, it’s still a BIG deal to us!  Thanks for being on the journey with us to grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ!

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