Great Day!

Another Sunday has come and gone with great excitement!

Pastor Chris preached a message that will definitely live on throughout the week. It’s just been one of those topics that sticks with you from Sunday to Sunday. The way we use our words is important and highlighting that sure reminds us how often we mess up! I’m thankful for a patient God and the words, “I’m sorry.”

McKenna Torres quoted a good chunk of Psalm 19 to me. Hello. She’s four years old. Way to go, Rockstar!

I’m doing good with my 14 memory verses as well. I’m a little shaky, but with some hints, I can get about 13 verses solid. I’ll finish up this week easy.

My mom helped me teach in the Little Adventurer’s class. She’s here visiting from Montana, so I wanted to show her how much the kids love their class and how much fun they have. Kennedy picked today to throw a fit and cling to me like rubber cement on construction paper…it wasn’t the best picture of how wonderful my kids are and how much they love church….”No, really, I swear they love this class.” Not a good intro…Oh well, grandmas have all been there, too.

Worship was good today. It was a strange moment to realize that all 5 people on stage have been at our church for 6 months or less. We’ve doubled in the last 8 months and it’s been our priority to get people plugged in and involved. It’s been a daunting task, but we are beginning to see the fruit of that.

Kyra helped out in the Little A’s class with me as well. She’s 6. It’s time to start serving! It was cute to watch her lead and be a good example for the little kids. I’m proud of her. We’ve got to teach our kids at a young age that they can invest into someone who’s not as far along as them. No matter what flaws you have, you also have something to offer.

There were a lot of new faces again today. It’s a challenge to keep up and get names down! 🙂

My girls are going to Keenan’s 5th birthday party this afternoon. His parents were in birth class with Mark and I. We literally have pictures of our kids together throughout their whole lives…from belly to Kindergarten. I look forward to the day when Katie and I are coordinating their graduation parties. You never know when and where you’ll meet important people in your life!

I hope you had a good day at church. I did!

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