Hurry Up and Wait

We are in the process of walking through the steps to get into our first building.  It is going to be a temporary situation, but the benefits are exciting!  No more set up and tear down, less damage to our equipment, incredible advertising, better setup for our children, the ability to have worship practice, freedom to schedule our events, change our youth ministry…the list is endless! 

This journey has been an educational one…and exhausting!  I feel like it is just this long, drawn out process where you hurry up and wait.  There are questions to ask to get the ball rolling, but then you get to wait painfully for the answer.  It doesn’t sound stressful, but I can honestly say this is one of the most stressful processes I think I’ve ever been through in ministry.  The process limits the ability to take action.  It is really just the paperwork and the system that has to work for itself, but in the meantime it feels like living in a holding pattern.

I am excited and hopeful that we will be moving into our new facility by November 1.  I look forward to watching God provide what we need!  Today we received $2700 in checks from other local churches who believe in us.  That makes me so happy to know that churches with their own wants and needs reach out to help another church in their community.  That unity among churches speaks to people who just honestly believe in the mission of God and not their own agenda.

Putting yourself out there with a dream makes life worth living.  So, whether we are tired, frustrated, elated, or sick of just waiting…the process of watching God work makes it all worth it.  Everyday is a new and exciting piece of the puzzle.  The story of North Creek is being written by God and we get to be characters in His pages.  What an honor!  I can’t wait to get to the end of the book…

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