I’m Doing God a Favor! :)

I read a great article (copied below) and thought I would share it with you. It refers to volunteers, but what I gleened from it was just how blessed I am to be on God’s team. I’m not doing Him any favors by giving my time and energy to His mission. Rather, I am blessed that I GET to do ANYTHING for Him at all. He’s the creator of the universe! He is all-powerful, mighty, and holy. I should be jumping up and down when I get to serve!

I am proud to say that we’ve gotten several “complaints” lately that we have too many volunteers in our church and that people would really like to serve more than once a month. I think that might indicate that we have that heart of gratefulness at our church towards getting to play on God’s team. I never want to lose that spirit at North Creek! Too many volunteers just means that we are ready at any moment to live out God’s destiny…new campuses, more church plants, more people in the kingdom of God!!!! Bring it on, God! North Creek has “too many volunteers” that want to be used by YOU!

Enjoy the article!

The Opportunity of a Lifetime
May 13th, 2008

Each week I have the pleasure of speaking with churches all around the country. One of the consistent questions I am asked is “how do you get volunteers to show up on time”. If you’ve ever worked with people, you realize that question translates across all spectrums.

When I ask, “what are you doing to address the issue” I hear a wide array of answers. Answers like “the volunteers that show up on time get donuts and the late ones have to watch” or “the ones that are on time have their names put in a raffle to win a prize.”

There’s a fundamental flaw in that perspective. Churches are notorious for communicating a need based message: “We need volunteers so will you help me fill the need?” Many times it’s almost a desperate plea of “please help me because if you don’t people will go to Hell and this thing will fall apart.” It’s a scarcity mentality that is coming from the wrong perspective.

Jesus Christ died on the cross for His church. It was his redemptive plan for the earth and there isn’t a plan “B” or a plan “C”. He did not die for a business, industry or para-church organization. He died for His church, His righteous bride and He made a few promises along the way.

Jesus told us that the “gates of Hell would not prevail against His church” and that “He would build His church”. If the reality of scripture shaped our perspectives we’d realize the opportunity we are giving people. When leaders realize that participating in the local church isn’t a burden for people, but rather it’s an opportunity to be a part of God’s redemptive plan the whole thing changes. When you understand this truth you have a drastically different approach. You now see volunteering as an amazing opportunity to be a part of what Jesus died for, not something that comes after the tee-ball games or something you can fit in around kick-off times.

When we as leaders view what we have as the most important thing on earth, when we see it like we’re allowing someone to get in on the IPO of Microsoft, it’s then that we have the right perspective. When a person uses their gifts to advance the gospel and become a part of the transformation process there’s nothing like…it’s a supernatural partnership.

If people sign up to help with a need, it will wear out over time…when people commit to an opportunity it can last a life-time. It’s a beautiful thing to watch lives transformed because they had an opportunity to be used by God to touch another person.

As leaders, let us never be guilty of not giving our people an opportunity to partner with the Creator of the Universe through the local church.

Larry Brey

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