In Mexico!!!

I’m back online thanks to Gregory Christie! Our team arrived safely at the Orphanage on Friday morning. We drove through Ensenada and got a little lost due to some road construction that closed down the road we needed to go on. After a dusty detour and a few turn arounds, we found our solution in the blissful song of an ice cream truck. We flagged him down and asked where we could find El Sauzal Orphanage…after all, who would know where 30 kids lived more than an ice cream man?

He was kind enough to give us a guided escort to our destination.

The trip across the border and to the Orphanage is a shocking change from our American culture. There are rows of shacks and worn down building lining the streets. There is a great deal of graffiti and trash everywhere you look. Even as you enter the orphanage, it’s an interesting difference from our own overly-paranoid cleanliness to their living situation. There are no building codes or safety measures that are required through the rolling hills of the Mexican countryside. Their environment is what we consider destitute.

Although it’s not what we consider “acceptable” living conditions, the children are clean, dressed in clothes just like our kids, and full of smiles and life. Already it’s been an adventure full of life lessons. I’ll keep blogging about it!

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  1. Michelle said:

    All of you look so happy.Seeing the pictures of you at church made this a reality for those of us who couldn’t go. God is amazing and I know he is with you all there as you pour love into this orphanage and community.

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