It Started With a Child

As we prayed over the last several months about our next step in our community for our church, the one thing that was constantly impressed on my heart was that God was writing a story. I felt as if He had a pen, paper, and was scripting a tale that would bring tears to our eyes and glory to His name.

Now I see an interesting pattern and I wonder if what I see before me is the tale. From the beginning, we felt like we needed to tell people about the faith of our six year old to believe that 19 cents could buy a building for our community. The first giver from our church was a seven year old with $15.10. One of our teenagers collected money at her school and layed out the vision for one of her teachers who emptied his wallet. Last night an 11 year old girl showed up at my door with $227 – her entire life savings.

As I hugged that girl in my arms, I thought, “Dear God, don’t let these kids down.” And then it hit me…He’s using these children to teach US the greatest life lessons we will ever be taught – sacrifice, faith, generosity, reckless abandon, and a belief in miracles that gives me chills.

I’m convinced that God will not be letting these kids down at all. I believe He will lift them up. And I believe that if I can model my heart after them, God won’t let me down either.

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