January 15 Highlights

What an amazing journey we’re on! One week ago we began a series about prayer partnered with asking God for the BIGGEST desires of our hearts. We were challenged to believe God and ask specifically. Yesterday was already full of stories of changed lives! Here’s a few highlights:

A woman in our church was in extreme pain from a disease and was fearing a trip to the hospital with serious ramifications…now she is healed!

Another woman in our church made a VERY important decision after praying with two of her friends. This decision will change the course of her life and her ministry!

Our church is being given an opportunity that will impact our community in significant ways…details to come!

A family in our church has been praying for reconciliation with a difficult relationship. That person called them up this week and wanted to talk it through. The meeting ended with healed hearts and hugs!

God is SO big and when we ask Him to bring to completion the desires that He has put in us…He ALWAYS answers!

On another note about Sunday, Mark spoke a great message on fasting. He encouraged us to pray this week on how God would like us to fast the week of January 22. Is it one meal? One day? A Daniel fast? Whatever it is, I encourage you to listen to Mark’s message online and partner with us for MORE answers and miracles.

We also launched small groups this weekend! It was a GREAT start with every group getting people right away. There is also currently still room in every group, so go to www.coffeechurch.com to sign up today. Through this week, various groups will begin to close as they fill up, so please register sooner than later, especially if you have tight schedules.

If you want to grow financially, I highly recommend the Financial Peace University small group. North Creek pays half price for all of our attenders, so it’s quite a deal and will CHANGE the trajectory of your financial future.

We are also offering a Sunday morning small group called The Jesus Story. This group is so easy to attend since you are already on campus! If you want to create new relationships within our church, but have challenging schedules, this may be the perfect option!

One more to highlight (they are all so good!!) is Marcus and Tasha’s group on adventurous faith on Monday nights. This will be located at the church, so there is plenty of room for lots of kids. Maybe you are looking to grow and help your kids develop some friendships? This is a win-win with some of my favorite people!

I might just have to write two highlight blogs this week, because something is happening at the Coffee Church! God, continue to pour out your amazing blessings into the hearts of lives of your people! Help us to obey that voice in our hearts that gives us the direction to follow YOU!

Please email me your miracle stories at stacy@coffeechurch.com. We want to keep a record of what God is doing! Have a great week!

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