January 31 Highlights

The church was FULL today. Fine. We’ll start another campus or a service or something! That is an awesome problem to have and I’ll take it. We are dreaming and scheming about how to accomodate our anticipated growth this year, so the solution is already in the works. In the meantime, just don’t stand in the way of the coffee…no matter how crowded it may be.

Our worship team ROCKED it today! The presence of God was in the house and they went with it! New drummer today…awesome job, Scott! Glad that you are on the team.

Found out one of our congregants goes in for surgery tomorrow for cancer. Please commit with me in prayer for complete healing. His cancer is not a highlight for me today, but his healing will definitely make the list.

Pete got some pretty high compliments said to us about Starting Point. He’s a GREAT leader and we are proud to have him in our midst. Change the world, Pete. We’re behind you 100%. And at least you’re big enough not to drop all of the people that you’ll be baptizing in your future!

I got several people signed up to Volunteer in various forms on Sunday mornings. I’m exstatic about that. It takes an enormous leadership force to lead the way that we lead. We only have our workers work one Sunday a month, which means that we need 8 people per position to cover all of our shifts. We are close to having that. Of course, just about the time that we have plenty of leaders, we’ll get another campus or a third service!

We got the opportunity to show love to someone today that made a mistake. Sometimes love is the worst form of punishment. What do I mean by that? It’s humbling when people love you even when you disappoint them.

One of the teenagers volunteered to do grounds maintenance. I could kiss that boy’s feet.

We had North Creek Orientation tonight. Mark has officially destroyed his voice. That’s what you get when you talk all day long…

Mike Krause is a great servant. He’ll give me a run for my money on trying to be the best servant in our church. Not sure what the prize will be? A crown to throw at the feet of Jesus? How about a mop and bucket?

My daughter Kennedy got to go to a birthday party today and Delaney got to go to Kyra’s house after church…they think Sundays are one big party. I hope they always think that about church days.

Adam helped me in the Little Adventurer’s today. He’s in Elementary School and he chased a one year old around for an hour. I had flash backs to when he was running around as a one year old…paybacks are awesome!

What a day! I’m fried, but glad to do what I get to do. Off to bed…

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