January 5 Coffee Church Highlights

Happy New Year!!!!

Sunday was the LAST service for the Hazel Dell Campus at our old bar on Sunday!  It was a morning full of memories for me as I reminisced about stories of changed lives over the last five years.  I will forever drive by that building and thank God for some of your stories!

Over at Battle Ground we kicked off our first services of 2014 with a bang!  It’s going to be a great year in Battle Ground as we have some exciting things planned for that campus.  More to come soon!

We kicked off a mini-series at both campuses called Gonna Be Different.  What do you want different in your life this year?

And the big news…we picked up and moved an entire church full of stuff in a mere three hours!  By 2:30 in the afternoon, the former building was empty and clean from end to end.

I can honestly say that I have never seen anything like moving a church before.  I had mentally walked through it a thousand times, but it was amazing to watch people jump in wherever they could.  We dismissed service and dug into a potluck while we kicked off some packing.  Then suddenly it was like ants everywhere as people launched into action!

Over at the new place we got everything where it belonged and just have sorting/organizing to do over the next week.  Sound and media will monopolize much of the time over the next several days, but we will be ready to go for our kickoff Youth Service on Thursday and our Main Services on Sunday.  There will still be many details to do over the next several months, especially on the exterior, but we hope to be done with nearly everything by April.

THANK YOU to everyone who helped in whatever way you could in the last month!  We have had food, work, resources, money, ideas, and more work at every turn.  We appreciate you and feel blessed to be the pastors of such a generous church.

My favorite part of all of Sunday was how hard the elementary kids worked.  They were HAULING heavy stuff all over the building as teams.  There were groups of kids all huddled around various objects making sure they got safely to their destinations.  I am sure they all slept well last night!

To sum up my emotions at this point…Watching a dream bigger than yourself become real through the unity of God’s people is unlike anything else in the world.  This is a life I would not trade for anything and I am grateful for the journey that Jesus has us on.  I am glad to be on this journey with you.

Here’s to the future!

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