January 8/9 Highlights

Ouch…everything hurt this morning after about 10 days of RUNNING to get the new year off of the ground! Today was definitely a day to honor the sabbath, rest, relax, breathe, and enjoy my kids!

On that note…Mark and I are SO excited about the next season at North Creek! We are loving the health of where we are at as a church.

Small Groups are officially open for signups! We had a GREAT first two days of registrations and I look forward to all of our groups being full over the next week or so. You can sign up at coffeechurch.com under the Ministries link.

I worked in the Great Adventurer’s this week and enjoyed it as usual. Parents…I highly recommend randomly going in class with your kids every so often. It makes a difference when you are sitting in the class, seeing what your kids are doing. You don’t have to commit to any certain number of times, just email our kid’s pastors and tell them you are coming in to be a part! Volunteer to lead a small group while you are in there. It’s AWESOME!

We had our Volunteer Meeting last night as well. It was SO fun! We recapped 2010 and looked ahead just a bit. We are focusing on personal growth for our church and being a healthy, vibrant, growing church. We also gave out gifts, laughed alot, and worshipped together. We have the BEST volunteers! I laughed because we had more people at Volunteer Training last night than our first year’s average attendance…HAAAA!

It seems as though moving our service times has worked wonders for our 9:30 am service! It has leveled out in attendance and feels great!

Corey and Julie were back again for their second weekend of getting acquainted with their team. He had Emily lead her first song and she did a beautiful job! Way to go!!!

Thank you to our staff for a long weekend! We know that you all were busy the whole time and we appreciate your hard work. May your week be filled with many blessings and lots of coffee!!!

See you next week!

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