July 1 Highlights

A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. morning at Klineline Park for our annual Baptisms and Brunch! So fun to watch 21 people be baptized. So awesome, so humbling, so God. My face hurts from smiling. Here are some specific highlights that are super awesome:

The Boyd family got baptized this morning. Father, mother, adult son, and teenage daughter. On top of that, they left right away to rush to Jacob’s WEDDING…how cool is that? This is a GREAT family that I love! I got to baptize Mylissa, the mother, and my foot slipped on the sand under the water. It’s a miracle of God that both of us didn’t get re-baptized!!!

Kris Gray, our youth pastor, LOST it when assisting in a baptism of a teenager. I think she loves them… Also, the person that Allison, the teen, asked to baptize her, was Kaylyn, another teen. Special moment for those two young ladies.

Heather and Zach, mother and son, got baptized together, right after Chris, Devon, and Payton, a dad and two sons, got baptized. Not a dry eye in the place on these family dunkings!

We also had four of our staff kids go under today, all baptized by one or both parents. Congrats to Gabe, Lexi, Gracie, and Ashleigh! Ashleigh also now holds the title of the 100th person baptized at North Creek Church, as well as the 5th person in her family baptized at our church. Gabe is lucky #101 and he’s wearing that number proudly!!!

Our deaf church was with us as well yesterday and had two baptisms. Congrats to Brenda and Quinn! The most powerful moments of the day were watching Pastor Jim sign, “In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.” It just goes to show you that Jesus goes after ALL hearts of every language and has a plan and a purpose for the world.

Jacob was baptized by his dad, and Jessica was baptized by her dad, Mike, who we baptized a couple of years ago. She also had a friend, Austin, who got baptized. He attends another church, but literally didn’t want to wait another day to obey God, so we baptized him. It’s not about a church, it’s about dedicating your life to Christ!

Kelley was baptized yesterday because it’s something she has never done, even though she has loved Jesus a long time. That might be you! Let Kelley be your inspiration to get the job done!

Thank you to Alvina, Charlene, Jenny, LeeAnn, and Cheryl…hope I’m not missing anyone…who made 450 scones for our event. They were yummy!!! It was also Cheryl and her family’s one year anniversary with our church, so that’s special!

Our team was amazing yesterday to orchestrate all of that! Amy Day gets everyone in and out of the water, Chris MC’s, and a small production crew makes sure we have sound and video. Meanwhile we have photographers EVERYWHERE! It seems a little silly, but baptisms are important to us and capturing them forever is top priority!

Thanks to our set up team as well! Will, Sarah, Ron, and Cathy…you are wonderful!

I’ll be sure to post pictures soon! It was a special day to remember!!!!

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