July 14 Coffee Church Highlights

What an awesome weekend!  Josiah preached on King Josiah at Battle Ground, I preached on King Jehoshaphat at Hazel Dell, and Jim preached on Solomon at the Deaf Church.

I had a great time preaching on Jehoshaphat!  I came in to writing my message knowing very little about him and left Sunday having him as one of my favorite Bible characters.  That’s the awesome part of really diving into the Scriptures and learning about someone who served God thousands of years ago.

KidCity is in the middle of raising money for missionaries!  They are having a contest between the boys and the girls, so if you’d like to help out, give a kid some money on the way in the door! The Battle Ground campus got painted last week with some new landscaping.  It looks AMAZING!  We still have the portable to paint, but we are well on the way to having everything done there.  We spent about $1500 on supplies above our regular monthly budget, so if you’d like to give to that, we’d sure appreciate it.  Thanks so much for helping us be good neighbors in our community and taking care of what God has given us.

On that note, we are praying for a permanent home for Hazel Dell.  Would you pray with us?  Waiting is SO much fun…ok, maybe not.  Not at all.  Not even a little bit.  Awful waiting…

I hope you are enjoying your summer!  I love the sun, I love the different schedule, and I love the opportunity to have BBQ’s with friends.  Take the time to have some friends over this summer and grow your relationships!

Speaking of relationships, our summer small groups are coming to a close.  We are already dreaming and praying for our fall groups that will launch in September.  If you are interested in facilitating or hosting a group, let Tasha know now by emailing Tasha@coffeechurch.com.

Do you have a heart for prayer?  Do you know that we have a prayer list where you can both get email prayer requests and send your own when you need to?  Just send an email to prayer@coffeechurch.com and we’ll get you signed up!

Thank you for being such an incredible and generous church!  We are so blessed every day to get to pastor and watch this journey of Jesus unfold before us.  Step out in faith in your life.  It’ll be painfully difficult, exhausting, and yet all the while, so thrilling and fulfilling.  I wouldn’t trade the last seven years of church planting for anything!

Be blessed!

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