July 24/25 Highlights

This blog is ridiculously late, but I’m on vacation, so as I’ve told my 4 year old many times on this road trip, “You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit!”

On that note, WHAT A WEEKEND!!!!

Happy Birthday to Rachael Yonko on July 24! We are SO blessed to have Rachael’s leadership in our church. She’s a quality woman of God!

We got the honor of being a part of Sam Stringer’s baptism. He’s a teenager in our church and he’s hilarious! Glad to watch him solidify his decision to live for Jesus for the rest of his life. We have another baptism Sunday scheduled for August 14 and 15. I plan to quit ministry when we quit doing baptisms…just so you know. That’s literally the reason I do this – LIVES CHANGED.

We had one of our highest attendances ever…this is CRAZY…it’s July! It’s not normal for a church to peak in the summer. I give God 100% of the credit. He’s up to something and it’s all good! I can’t wait to go into the fall with unstoppable momentum. There’s a world to change.

Jeff and Angela came to visit. They were our first youth pastors at the very beginning and became such an amazing part of our story. They moved to Seattle last December and we’ve missed them everyday since then! Glad to see them back at the Coffee Church!

The Little Adventurers are bursting at the seams again! In August we will be renovating the kitchen, back office, and back bathroom to accomodate our growing toddler and nursery program. We are very much looking forward to an environment that our kids can expand! Especially all of the newborns that are gracing us with their presence!

Our Great Adventurers left for camp on Sunday. Mark and I actually drove up to camp on Monday to hug them and give them sugar. That’s the kind of senior pastors we always dreamed of being and so now we’ve gotta live it. And man, was it worth it! I want our kids to feel important on every level of our church! And I also want our children’s leaders to know that they are our greatest heroes. Sometimes that comes in the form of a 3 hour drive and a box of candy.

We had guests coming out of our ears on Sunday! Everywhere we looked was a new family. Welcome! There’s room for you, friends to meet, ministries to be involved in, and lives to change. Jump in and get connected! We’ve got an agenda to make a difference in our community and everyone is a part of that!

OK, I’ve gotta get back to sitting on the porch, drinking coffee, and watching my kids feed the ducks at Grandma and Grandpa’s house…tough life!

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  1. Sandy C said:

    Glad to hear the little A’s are growing! Enjoy your vacation you deserve it! (Though I will miss seeing the girls this week) 🙂

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