July 31 Highlights

Another Sunday of loving Jesus…what a cool thing to do!

We got to baptize Matt Schmidhamer today! Congrats to Matt for making a public declaration of your commitment to serve Christ. We are proud of you!

My best friend from high school, who also happened to be my roommate during part of college came over this afternoon. She’s a pastor’s wife also and it is so nice to have someone who has known you for 20 years and is in ministry. Jenny gets everything I say without a lot of explanation!

Pastor Kim, our Kid’s Pastor was out of town for her sister’s wedding. We miss her!

We had a few goodbyes today. College student, Amanda Ryn, is heading back home after a summer in the ‘Couv. Many blessings to you! Also, Justin Goodrum and his two cute kids are moving to Georgia tomorrow. I feel like God moved him here for a specific purpose for the short time he was here and I look forward to watching that story unfold in the future!

The kids leave for camp tomorrow! Please pray!!!! I know God will change hearts there! Thank you to Mark, Alyson, and Sarah for going with our students and showing them Jesus.

Worship at North Creek = AWESOME

Vanessa preached for the first time! Could she be anymore amazing? Josiah and Vanessa rank high on my favorite people list! You can catch her sermon online as of tomorrow.

Tons of new guests. Welcome to July at the Coffee Church!

I love Jesus. I love serving Jesus. I love watching other people serve Jesus. I hope your week is full of all of those events! Have a great week!

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