July 4 Highlights

Church on Sunday was at the park for Baptisms and Brunch! Here are my thoughts for the morning:

I went to my car and stopped to look around when I came back…what a diverse bunch of people all drawn together through the love of Christ. There were all sizes, colors and histories. We had those in dresses and pearls and the bikers with tattoos. We had young kids and people in their 90’s. We had singles, families, and those in between. We had everything on the map and I am so grateful to call each of them my friends. There are no lines in the family of Christ…or at least there shouldn’t be. What an awesome sight!

We baptized seven people yesterday! So proud of each story and each changed life! We serve a great God who is still at work in our world. Each person at our church gets to choose who baptizes them. We had godly dads, fiances, pastors, and friends in the water with people. It was an awesome look at the value of the body of Christ.

On that note, our “sister” church, Heritage Church in Vancouver, used our baptism tank while we were at the park yesterday. They baptized 16! Way to go!!!!

It was very surreal to be back after being in Mexico. I still feel like my feet haven’t hit the ground, yet. I’m trying to wrap my brain around all of the details of the church again, but I’m finding myself buried in it all still. Especially with a third service coming at us in 5 days. I’ll make it…I just need my brain to snap back into American mode!

Speaking of our third service, I changed the reader board yesterday…it’s official!

Also, in case you drive by the church on a Monday or a Friday and wonder what’s going on…we are letting an AA group use our building twice a week. They are a great group of people that meets at 7:00 pm. If you know of someone who has an addiction issue, this is an awesome resource for you to use! Such irony that a bar that was once a place of destruction in some of these people’s lives is now a place of hope. Sounds a lot like God to me…

It’s finally going to be a hot week. Three words…bring it on!

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