July 8 Highlights

Oh, baby! What a week! Most of you know that we have three of our leadership team’s babies due in the same week in July, so this is the week of babies!

I am proud to announce that Skyler Dean was born on 7/7/12 at 6:18 pm to parents Nate and Emily Pust!

I am also proud to announce that Cora Brielle was born on 7/7/12 at 7:26 pm to parents Roy and Alissa Fisher!

I am also excited to say that Vanessa and Josiah will have their baby at any moment as they are 5 days overdue already!

We are SO blessed! You also might not know that we have another NC baby coming on July 20 to parents Mike and Sarah Moench. They were at the Hazel Dell Campus, but transferred to Battle Ground in the merge. So, we’ll have four July babies to love!

On another note, Mark took our team to get snow cones for staff yesterday. That’s quite a line at the snow cone shop. Would have been worse, but half our team is busy having babies.

We started a new series yesterday called Amazing Stories. Every July we pick some of our team to share a great Bible story with our church! It’s an awesome way to relive some of the great stories that you might not have heard since Sunday School as a kid (or never!). It’s also a great way to hear from some of our very talented speakers. Chris and Mark started off with Samson and Samuel. Awesome beginning to one of my favorite series!

On Saturday we had our first practice for our Dominican Republic Missions Trip that is happening on July 20. We nailed out skits, some of the training we need to do, and communicated all of the 1000’s of details. It’s going to be a VERY fun trip and we are looking forward to working with our missionaries, Jamie and Berly Bello. Next Sunday we’ll be taking an offering to help them with some supplies and equipment, so think about how you can give to this amazing couple. They spend their lives working with youth leaders all over their country in order to impact teenagers!

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Enjoy this week in the sunshine! You know it’s summer in the Northwest when the complaints change from “It’s too rainy!” to “It’s too hot!”

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