June 5 Highlights

Finally some great weekend weather! It was definitely a breath of fresh air after so many months of soggy rain. I just sat outside and soaked up some Vitamin D!!!

Church was fun! We had to turn on the air conditioning, which was something new and exciting for us!

LOTS of new faces again. I was standing outside at one point and there was a flood of people coming up the walkway. I didn’t know anybody. We’re working on names and are looking forward to getting more people plugged in to volunteering and small groups. Here we grow!

We went to another dinner made by some of our North Creek people on Saturday. GOURMET food! It was fun to get to know them better and enjoy a beautiful meal. I have thoroughly enjoyed this month of meals as people helped us make it through one month of giving up our salary. What an unexpected benefit!

Our big baptism day is coming up on July 3. If you have a relationship with Jesus and haven’t been water baptized, it’s your turn! It’s not about being perfect and having it all together. It’s about publicly saying that you love Jesus. If you are waiting until you’re a “good enough” Christian…you are missing the point of baptism! It’s not to celebrate you, but to honor Christ. Get registered online at www.coffeechurch.com.

We are still plowing ahead with our building plan! Let’s do this! If your family hasn’t decided what to give yet, it’s time to ask God and then do it. Maybe it’s not one big amount, but something every month. Whatever it is, jump on this bandwagon of faith with us.

Our team is REMARKABLE. So humble, so strong. There is no greater joy than working alongside our staff!

Next Sunday we will be honoring our graduates. What an exciting time of their lives! We have a great college-aged small group lead by exceptional people, so jump right in!!!

Serving Jesus is the best adventure. He is so worthy of our praise!

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