March 19/20 Highlights

Here’s the highlights from the weekend:

Happy Birthday to my mom! She’s one amazing lady and I love her very much!

We kicked off a new series titled “Unrivaled”. It’s an indepth look at Jesus and the legacy that he left. He changed everything about our lives and history, so it is ironic that we don’t study Him more in our culture. I’m sure teachers give much more lessons on everyone from Hitler to Martin Luther King, than we ever dare to talk about Jesus.

Chris Harold kicked off the series. I make fun of him for moving so much when he preaches. It’s fun to watch and to listen to! He did a great job and I am looking forward to the coming weeks.

Cloey Featherston, our newest North Creek baby, graced us with her presence on Saturday night.

The kid’s class was so loud on Saturday night we had to ask them to be quiet! Here’s to kids having fun at church!!!!

It’s an amazing gift to have a team like ours. The week off of preaching allowed Mark and I to pray, fast, discuss, dream, and plan for the future. We dug deep and really sought God with a vengence. We feel like we have some new direction, clarity, and determination. More on that to come…

One of our small groups got together for lunch today! I love that.

Kennedy wrapped Scott M. around her finger… He held her nearly every minute from the time he came in until he left the door. She’s almost five, so that’s not an easy job! Her love language is definitely touch.

Our staff meeting was full of big decisions to make. It’s a daunting process to decide which direction to go and the best way to go about it. The reality is that every decision benefits some and creates problems for others. We weigh all of that out with great turmoil.

On that note, I hope that you have a good week…but remember that Jesus is worthy of our praise either way!

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