March 25 Highlights

I have A LOT to say about the renovation weekend, but I’ll separate the Sunday highlights and do another post about the renovations! It was a miraculous weekend!

Mark was back at the Hazel Dell campus speaking on Nehemiah. He talked about how each person did their part in rebuilding the wall, which was a funny conclusion to a weekend that was the mirror image to the story of Nehemiah! We didn’t plan that to line up so well, but when God is in control there is a lot of “coincidences!” 😉

I went to the Battle Ground campus for the first time on a Sunday morning. I got to preach on our strategy and volunteering. It was really great to finally get there, meet some more people, and share my heart! We are keenly aware of the massive changes going on around this congregation and we are believing that God will help everyone walk through the changes and stay focused on the purpose behind every change.

Pastors Wayne and Jenny had a great trip and will be home sometime this week! We can’t wait to hear about Haiti!

The Hazel Dell campus said goodbye to Greg and Michelle Fitting as they are moving to the south to be with their son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter. Those grandkids have a way of motivating grandparents to move half way across the country… Thank you to Greg and Michelle for helping to start North Creek. You did a great job!

It has been very interesting from our perspective to jump into another church as well. It is a difficult and yet important balance to both honor the past and yet completely be ourselves and do ministry with our DNA. Here’s what I know that I know: we are doing what God asked us to do. We prayed about our strategy, we prayed about the paint color, we prayed about the steps we would take and in what order. Now we just have to walk through it, knowing that God will do what He needs to do in all of our hearts.

I love the people from the Deaf Church! We spent all weekend together and they were AWESOME! They showed up in force, worked like dogs, and had the best attitudes. They made fun of me alot, but I can take it…just be careful because I can also give it!!!!

Our staff meeting was one crying person after another. All of the tears were “good” tears, as God is working on our hearts, helping us with our frustrations, and giving us victories where we need them.

We have been SO encouraged lately with kind and uplifting words from our church! I’m serious when I say that we would not be making it without those heartfelt words. This is hard and exhausting, but everytime someone reminds us of what North Creek means to their lives and family, we press on.

That being said, we sure aren’t doing much today! We are enjoying an easy day with our kids and that beautiful spring sunshine! Be blessed!

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  1. Greg and Michelle said:

    we were so honored to be a part of the founding families of North Creek and to be a part of the unity of bringing Jesus to a community. Nehemiah is one of my favorite stories about hearing the still small voice of God and believing God will help us to accomplish great things for his glory. We love you North Creek. Keep being authentic and being missionaries here in our community. Shine your light.

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