March 26/27 Highlights

There’s a lot to say this weekend!!!

First of all, we have officially put the Saturday night service on hold for a while. There are multiple reasons, but next weekend (April 2) will be our last one for a while. As we looked at the upcoming calendar with Spring Break, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Fourth of July, and August vacation month, it was a lot of challenges for that service. We also stepped back and evaluated how many of our people came out of necessity and who came out of just picking it as an option for that weekend. The large majority could just have easily come on a Sunday morning. Also, when we adjusted the Sunday morning service times, it opened up room in the 11:00 am service as some people went to the 9:30. So, for now, we’ll pour all of our energy and resources back into Sunday.

I love the people at our church! We are blessed with the best!

Yes, Mark also announced that we are looking at a building. I promise I’ll blog about that in detail from here on out. Let me start by saying…this is a move of faith on our part. We need God to help us with a miracle or two to make this happen. Miracles come from people being obedient to God! We don’t wait around for money to fall from the sky, rather we proactively give and get our community involved. Who do you know that wants to help us reach our goal?

Worship was great this week! Thanks to Matt, Alissa, Scott, Lee, and Chris for nailing it! It’s all about Jesus and you kept the focus where it needed to be.

I had a 7 year old come and say, “Stacy, where exactly do I put my tithe?” She had just gotten allowance and wanted to honor God. What a lesson!

I know that God is up to something good for North Creek Church.

Mark spoke a great message on healing. I highly recommend catching it online at if you missed it. God still does miracles!

We could use some prayer this week as we march ahead into some big dreams and plans for our church. It’s a little overwhelming, but something inside of me tells me that there’s a really cool story that God is writing for us right now. I can’t wait to see what it is and tell it to my grandkids someday!!!!

As always…have a wonderful week! And ask someone for a million dollars while you’re at it… 🙂

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