March 28 Highlights

My highlights are going to be limited, since I wasn’t at North Creek yesterday! Our family took the day off for Spring Break and headed to Renton to go to our former church. It’s the church that Mark grew up in, had his first youth pastorate at, and where we were married. It’s also the church that Troy and Jana Jones now pastor, who are dear friends of ours. Our deep ties to Renton will always be a part of our lives.

Yesterday they celebrated a new main auditorium addition to their already expansive building. We were supposed to be in Montana this week, but our plans were adjusted, so we headed up to celebrate with old friends. It was a nice morning and afternoon to support our very excited, but exhausted, friends!

I always hate to be away from North Creek, but I know it’s good for us. We actually stopped by the building at 7:30 am to make sure everything was perfect…I can let go, but not entirely…

Yesterday we moved the complimentary coffee pots to help with the traffic flow by the Kid’s area. I heard it was pretty funny watching everyone go to where the pots used to be and look in horror as their precious coffee wasn’t there. I guess I should have warned people…

Kris Gray spoke yesterday on the Little Red Paper Clip. I heard through the grapevine that she did an extraordinary job. No surprise there…she’s remarkable! It’s fun to be gone and not worry about anything! We are surrounded by competent leaders who love this church.

I am excited for Easter! It’s my favorite holiday and this one is extra exciting for me since our building is shiny and ready for guests. Feels good to have some projects knocked out…many to go, but we’re miles ahead of where we were!

I’ve heard twice this week that North Creek is “one of the best kept secrets in Vancouver”. Nice compliment, but I’m not into secrets…shout it from the roof tops! We’re a great church seeing people’s lives changed by the hand of God! Come on in!

Mark and I are taking the week off as much as possible. We need the mental break and know that the next season of ministry will require more than we’ve ever done before. It’s a new season of leadership and we look forward to what lies ahead…

If you have a good highlight from yesterday, add it to my comments link below. I’d love to hear, since I missed the fun!

See you on Sunday!

  1. Sandy Carpenter said:

    Kris was the highlight of that Sunday! The little red paper clip was a great message and a great reminder of how the little things in life can turn into big things good and bad. When you start letting little compromises into your life as a Christian things can snowball pretty quickly. I know from personal experience and I am going to work more everyday on making good little decisions so the big ones will be a snap!

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