March 4 Highlights

FUN day! Mark went to Battle Ground to speak for the first time and I preached at Hazel Dell. It was a very strange morning to work separately at two different campuses, but until we have the transition complete and some new staff hired on, we will do what we need to do to function well!

Mark enjoyed meeting people and beginning the process of letting our new campus know why and how we function. Every church runs differently, so it’s important that we are all on the same page going into this new church situation. Lots of details to communicate and systems to put in place!

I preached on Nehemiah on the Hazel Dell side. LOVE the book of Nehemiah, probably because I love all things leadership and Nehemiah is one of the greatest leaders ever! I focused on the first chapter, which basically gives us a model of prayer.

We had a great lunch with Matt and Jamie Bumala. They have been attending the church in Battle Ground for quite some time, but before that Jamie was a student in our youth ministry. We’ve remained friends and I can’t wait to attend the same church again! Thanks for lunch!!!!

Mark attended our Deaf Church in Battle Ground yesterday as well! He loved the experience and felt the presence of God in their service. We are loving getting to know their lead pastor, Jim. He has been incorporated onto our team and we are glad to have him. If he teaches you sign language, don’t believe he’s telling you the truth! He’s tried to teach us a few signs that would just get us in trouble…

I didn’t spend any time at all in any kids rooms yesterday, since I was wearing a different hat. I have to admit…kids make church WAY more fun! I love popping into various rooms and connecting with a couple of kids here and there. They are always the most encouraging, have the best smiles, and remind me that how I live and love changes their picture of Jesus. They keep me on my toes!

My favorite part of this transition: watching our staff leaders grow in their leadership ability. The growing pains for all of us are evident, but even in the last several months, as we have each wrestled with our own STUFF, I am seeing God molding us. We simply cannot be the same leaders we were yesterday and make an entire other campus function. The good news: God is doing the work and we are just feeling the sore muscles from the workout. He is faithful!

So many things to do, but I couldn’t be more excited for our Battle Ground opening on April 8. Why? PEOPLE are coming and Jesus will change their lives just like He changed mine. Now that’s motivating!

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  1. Dawn C Smith said:

    S~ I need to meet you in person somehow. I am wife of Jim Smith! How wise you are… Jim will teach you in tricky way with sign language.. That’s him! 🙂 Glad you met him. 🙂 About Nehemiah, it is one of my favorite book to study! its so awesome book! i lOvE it!

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