March 5/6 Highlights

We wrapped up our giving series at North Creek this weekend. What an encouraging three weeks it has been for us! Most pastors shy away from talking about money because people get all crazy and angry. We have seen the opposite with emails and thanks for opening up their hearts to the idea of generosity. What an amazing look at our humanity!

Here is one of those emails:

I just had such a God thing happen in my life and I feel the need to share it with you. Last week I got paid from my second job. When I opened the paycheck and found out it was only for $41.07 the first words out of my mouth were, “What good is that gonna do?” The next day at church we wrapped up the Fistful of Dollars series and Pastor Mark talked about being a cheerful giver and when the cards for the Regifting Store were passed out I felt God say take that “useless” paycheck and use it to buy items to donate. The next day I went and shopped and I got so caught up in the spirit of giving that it made the rest of my day. I felt this feeling of such joy and happiness that I can’t even being to explain except to say that it definitely came from God and letting him use me to give cheerfully. Thank you guys so much for opening my eyes to this subject. I can’t wait to see who God has me bless with my next paycheck!

I love our kid’s pastor! She had one very talkative class this weekend that was hard to manage. Every once in a while that happens and it’s hard to deal with. Pastors know how much is at stake with every word that they teach. It is truly life and death every weekend. It’s always discouraging when it seems to be a rough day because we all take it so seriously! Kim – you are doing an amazing job molding and shaping our young generation! I love what you do and how deeply you love. Keep it up!

We had a new baby born on Friday. Welcome to Cloey Featherston! Congrats to Mikel and Samantha on your new blessing!

We got new carpet in the nursery! It is beautiful!!!!!

Mark highlighted the Regifting Store for our outreach this spring. You can check them out at They are a great non-profit donation center that gives away things for free to help people and gives all of their profits back into the community. Please consider cleaning out your closets and making a donation in the month of March. They take all household goods, food, furniture, cash, etc. It all goes to help people! When you drop off your things just say, “The Coffee Church supports you and thanks you for being a blessing to this community!”

Don’t just plan on being generous. DO it!

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