Mark Batterson

Last night a fellow church planter, Mark Batterson from Washington, D.C., spoke. First of all, it was nice to hear a church planter start with 25 people and grow to thousands upon thousands…

Secondly, his spirit is one of boldness, adventure, and yet a deep and profound love for tradition and values. He spoke on the mission of God and really changing the WORLD. We are so good at focusing on our daily to-do list and often times forget that there is a greater purpose for our lives. That clearly sums up how I have felt being lead pastors with Mark at a church plant. It has forced us to dream…constantly. There is never a break and that discipline to keep reaching, keep pushing, keep stepping out in faith is one that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Faith is something that I think people think they have, but they don’t know because they never do anything outside of their own ability to succeed. For instance, try giving God a faith promise to give more money than you could ever possibly give to His body…and then start writing the check every month. In your spirit, you say, “I can’t do that, I don’t have the money!” But that’s not FAITH. Faith is doing something that you can’t SEE and believing that God will meet you where you fall short. Scary, huh? And so exciting! Every time that North Creek steps out in faith, I think for a moment, “Boy, if this doesn’t work, Mark and I are sure gonna look like idiots!” And what happens? God blesses us so abundantly that we are immediately forced to begin thinking about the next idiotic idea. What a life we get to live! It is so fun and so rewarding. And so worth the cost!

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