MarriedLife Live

Last night was our MarriedLife Live event! It was really fun! We had a band (Jackson Jackson) and great speakers (thanks, Tortoras!). The food was amazing as usual and everything went off without a hitch,!

The theme was Fight Right, so we spent the whole night talking about how we fight, what we should do differently, and what other people have learned about fighting in marriage. It was encouraging to hear that other people do have disagreements, but the key is to settle those in a way that doesn’t damage your relationship for the long haul. The best thing that I picked up was that as you get older, you stop caring about who wins and who loses the fight because even if you win, the relationship loses. It’s more important to share your reasons and perspectives rather than to battle it out to the death! It’s basically OK to agree to disagree sometimes.

I think that everybody learned something, laughed a lot, and enjoyed the company! That’s a win at North Creek! Great job, Jeff, fo a well-planned, fun evening!

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