May 10 Coffee Church Highlights

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the ladies at North Creek!  I am so humbled to mother alongside so many incredible women who help me grow and learn everyday.

We had a guest speaker over at Hazel Dell.  Don and Melba Exley, missionaries from Argentina, came to share with us.  Mark and I got to hear amazing stories over dinner about the revivals that began in the 80’s in Argentina and still continue to this day.  The Holy Spirit poured out on that nation in unbelievable ways and rebirthed a love for Jesus in the people.  And that is my prayer for America.  Our country needs to turn back to our Savior!  I hope you are praying for God to move in the hearts and lives of people!

Over at Battle Ground we finished up I Will Fight, which I will miss!  Such a good reminder that God can do a deep work on your behalf in the midst of your challenges.

We also got the privilege of baptizing four people on Sunday!  First we baptized the Cox Family.  Jeff, Kerri and Rylan all got baptized together and shared about how Jesus has changed their whole family.  It’s been fun to watch them this last year as God has been molding and shaping their lives!  I can’t wait to watch the story continue to unfold.

Then when second service was about to start, my friend Nicole came in.  Jesus had been telling her all week to get baptized, but she had no idea we were baptizing last Sunday.  When she walked in and saw the tank, she decided to be immediately obedient, which is AWESOME!  We scrambled through the lost and found to get clothes to wear in the tank and then did the job!  Her testimony was incredible of how faithful Jesus has always been to her.

Alex Gutierrez lead worship the last two weeks (once at BG and once at HD)!  He did a great job, especially in light of the fact that we threw a lot of extras at him with the baptisms!

All of our ladies got chocolate on Sunday.  Church and chocolate…not a bad combo for Mother’s Day morning!  Our kids also got to learn about strong women in the Bible.  There’s a lot of them!

Matt Garner (our Hazel Dell worship pastor) headed over to Battle Ground to debut a new song that he and Rachel Schmidt wrote.  It’s amazing!!!  Matt also jumped in to Tiny Town to help out, which clearly indicates that Battle Ground needs kid’s workers.  You can sign up today at 🙂

Well, on that note, life is good!  God is speaking to our hearts, changing lives, and raising our dead souls to renewed life.  Come to church!  Meet Him!  Obey Him!  Watch your life change!

Be blessed this week!


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